Mariella Harpelund Jensen – Session Host

Director, Scriptwriter, and Head of Festival, Buster Filmfestival

Mariella Harpelunde Jensen is an autodidact director, scriptwriter, and author. She has directed and scripted several TV-series, documentaries, and short films. Mariella is especially known for her work on TV series and programs for children, including series and films for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s channels Ramasjang and Ultra.



She has created TV-hits as ‘Barda’, ‘Dansk hulebyg’, and ‘Isas stepz’. Mariella has also written the children’s book: ‘Hulebyggerne’. Today, she works as the head of program at the Danish children’s film festival ‘Buster’.

Mariella Harpelund Jensen er vært på følgende sessioner (2023)

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