Chaotic Friendship, Complicated Feelings, and Becoming Parents

In 2018 the acting and comedy duo Jesper Zushlag and Julie Rudbæk released their web series ‘29’ on Xee. They portrayed the characters Jesper and Julie who were both turning 30 and feeling the pressure of adulthood.

The series centered around the themes of transitioning from your 20’s to your 30’s: Did you choose the right education? Did you get the right job? Was it a mistake to leave your partner? And how will you ever find a new one?


Since ’29’ the series has won the Robert TV-Award (Danish: Robert Prisen), and we have followed Jesper and Julie in seasons ’30′, ‘31’, and ‘32’,  through a chaotic friendship, relationship, and lastly a pregnancy.

Now season 5: ‘33’ is finally on its way. At this point, Jesper and Julie have become parents, and all of the wonders and difficulties of parenthood create new challenges in their relationship. At the same time, the new chapter contains a lot of well-known faces, and issues revolving doubt, temptation, and general confusion still prevail.

Session: 33

Session Language: Danish

In session: Julie Rudbæk and Jesper Zuschlag

Session host: Sisse Sejr-Nørgaard

Date: Saturday, October 31, 2020
Time: 18.00 – 19.00
Venue: UngK (Max 90 pers.)

Production: Drive Studios
Broadcaster: Xee

Watch here:  Xee
more: Soundvenue.com

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