Remake of a Nordic Classic for an International Audience

Hagai Levi’s remake of Scenes From A Marriage is a 2021 version of Ingmar Bergman’s all-time classic from 1973. The series, which has just been screened at the Venice Film Festival, portrays a modern American couple and their shared struggle for love, loathe, lust and divorce on the battlefield, we call marriage.

The original Swedish setting of 1970s is substituted for today’s America, however, the story still resonates with the same relevance and ability to move its audience through the chaotic crisis narrative depicting the ups and downs of love.

The iconic mini series is starring Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac in the leading parts as wife and husband, Mira and Jonathan. The remake is both written and directed by the award-winning Hagai Levi, who is known, among other things, for being co-creater and producer of the tv-series The Affair, which won him a Golden Globe for Best Drama Series.

Scenes From A Marriage is possibly the most anticipated HBO Nordic-series this year, and with the talented touch of Hagai Levi as director, the series is not only a competent remake of Bergman’s work, but also a significant artistic contribution in the rekindling of a human story, that is just as important today, as it was in 1973.


Saturday, October 30, 2021

19:00 – 21:00

Øst for Paradis, Sal A

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Hagai Levi, award winning Writer, Director and Producer

Andreas Halskov, Series Expert, Editor, Lecturer & Author, Host


September 13, 2021

HBO Nordic


Hagai Levy is born in Sha’alvim, a religious kibbutz in Israel, but now lives in Tel Aviv. He is both a critically acclaimed and award-winning director and producer, who was previously a film critic for 10 years, worked as a teacher at leading film schools in Isreal and moreover held a seat as CEO for the Drama Department at the leading Isreali tv-channel Keshet Broadcasting. In 2005, he co-created, co-direted and co-produced the Isreali tv-series BeTipul, which won several Emmy and Golden Globe Awards. It was later adapted into HBO’s In Treatment along with remakes in 18 different countries. In 2013, Levi directed the critically acclaimed Israeli mini series The Accursed, while later in 2019, he was co-creater, director and co-producer of HBO’s series Our Boys, which won 13 Israeli academy awards – among these, the prize for Best Series. Levy is perhaps best known for the series The Affair, which won him a Golden Globe for Best Drama Series as co-creater and co-producer.


Andreas Halskov holds an MA in Film and Media from Copenhagen University and today, he works as a media-expert on a wide range of projects. Aside from lecturing in film- and media science, he is also a film expert at TV2’s Go’ Morgen Danmark, curator at the Danish Film Institute, academic author in media studies and co-editor of the three anthologies on modern American television in drama, Fjernsyn for Viderekomne (2011), film and comedy, Helt Til Grin (2017) and TV in today’s sreamingera, Streaming for Viderekomne (2020). Halskov himself has, in addition to a long list of journal articles, written the books; Remakes, Sequels og Seriealisering (2019) and Beyond Television: TV Production in the Multiplatform Era (2021). Moreover, he often hosts industry seminars and talks while working as an editor on the academic film journal 16:9 on a daily basis.

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