Andreas Halskov – Session Host

Film and Series Expert and Contributor 16:9

Andreas Halskov (b. 1981) holds an MA in Film Studies from Copenhagen University. Halskov has worked as a lecturer in Media Studies at Copenhagen and Aarhus University, and he works as a film/TV expert in different media and as a curator of film historical screenings at Cinemateket in Copenhagen and Øst for Paradis in Aarhus, besides being an editor of the scholarly film journal 16:9.

Halskov has published numerous articles in journals like Kosmorama, Series, Short Film Studies, International Journal of Digital Television and Blue Rose Magazine, and he has co-written three Danish anthologies on American television (‘Fjernsyn for viderekomne’, Turbine, 2011), the Oscars (‘Guldfeber’, Turbine, 2013) and comedy (‘Helt til grin’, VIA Film& Transmedia, 2016).

Andreas Halskov has written a monograph on David Lynch and the peer-reviewed book ‘TV Peaks: Twin Peaks and Modern Television Drama’, University Press of Southern Denmark, 2015.

Foto: Patrick Ecclesine 2016/IMDB

Session host: Andreas Halskov will host the following session:

Screening and Talk – Part 8 of Twin Peaks: A Limited Event Series

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