Asta Kamma August, Amalie Næsby Fick and Clara Mendes


After a magical night and an innocent kiss on a roof top, 22-year-old Cathrine is paralyzed with lust. At home her boyfriend, 22-year-old Simon is waiting. But he has lost his sex drive, and Cathrine has not. So she has sex with her fascinating colleague.

Cathrine finds herself caught between the safe and comforting love, and the bubbling attraction that comes with falling in love. She finds herself lying to protect the ones she cares for, but that just ends up making everything worse.

‘Sex’ is written and conceptualized by debuting screenwriter Clara Mendes, instructed by filmmaker Amalie Næsby, and is produced by Profile Picture with support by DFI and TV2. Both Clara and Amalie will attend the screening of episode 1 and 2, and answer questions from the audience.

The series in right now in the post-production fase, and will air in the start of 2020.



Session: Preview and Talk: SEX

Speakers: Asta Kamma August, Amalie Næsby Fick & Clara Mendes

Session host: Henrik Højer

Production: Profile Pictures
Broadcaster: TV 2 Denmark

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