Every year, SERIES AWARDS selects a contemporary artist to re-think and create a trophy for the award show that reflects the current era that we are a part of.

A comeback for the VHS tape

Danish artist Rose Eken, graduated from Edinburgh College of Art and Royal College of Art in London, is the first artist to interpret the SERIES AWARDS trophy.

Reproducing cigarette butts, drug paraphernalia, beer cans, discarded clothing, and lost cell phones in the form of hand-painted ceramic miniatures, Rose Eken is a master in sculpting relics of a culture and celebrating history in process. For SERIES AWARDS, Rose Eken plays with the iconic retro VHS tape that lost its signifigance after the introduction of the DVD at the end of the millennium.

At the 2nd SERIES AWARDS 2022, Rose Eken’s ceramic VHS tapes returned to stage as the trophy.

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