AARHUS SERIES is a wide-ranging and inspiring festival, targeted at all lovers of tv series – with a special focus on series with social relevance and cultural impact. The festival is produced by Filmby Aarhus.

In recent years, the amount of investment in quality series has been unprecedented. This has led to both the overall quality and the number of shows rising considerably. For most of us, discussing different series is also a daily topic in our conversations with friends and colleagues.

As such, the series format deserves to be taken at least as seriously as feature films and documentaries have been for decades – and this is why, with AARHUS SERIES, this format is the focus of its own dedicated festival.

Additionally, the best series deserve to be watched and experienced in the company of other people that share the same amount of excitement. Because of this, AARHUS SERIES offers screenings in inspiring surroundings, allowing the audience to watch series together.

The riveting talks, which are also on offer during the festival, will guide the audience behind the scenes on some of the most notable productions. The screenings and the talks both contribute to giving the series the physical dimension of community, which has otherwise been restricted to cinemagoers.

AARHUS SERIES was launched in 2019 as an integrated part of the THIS conference, and in 2020 AARHUS SERIES became its own independent festival. 2,000 people took part in the festival, which lasted four days and offered more than 80 speakers spread across 30 showings and talks.

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