AARHUS SERIES is a wide-ranging and inspiring festival, targeted at all lovers of tv series, with a special focus on series that are socially relevant and culturally impactful. The festival is produced by Filmby Aarhus.

The amount of investment in series in recent years is unprecedented, and it shows in both the quantity and the quality of shows being produced. For many of us, discussing series has become a daily topic of conversation with friends and colleagues.

Considering this, the series format deserves to be taken just as seriously as feature films have been for decades. This is why AARHUS SERIES exists: to shine a beacon light on series by giving them their own festival.

Additionally, series deserve to be watched and experienced in the company of those who share the same excitement surrounding them. Because of this, AARHUS SERIES offers screenings in inspiring surroundings, allowing the audience to enjoy the experience together.

The riveting talks, another big part of the festival, will guide the audience on journeys behind the scenes on some of the most notable contemporary productions. Together, the screenings and the talks contribute to provide a physical dimension of community, which is otherwise restricted to cinemagoers.

AARHUS SERIES was launched in 2019 as an integrated part of THIS Conference, but became its own independent festival in 2020. 2,000 people took part in this festival, lasting four days and offering more than 80 speakers spread across 30 screenings and talks.

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