The Second Wave: The Development of Real-Time Online Drama

Vilde Schanke Sundet, PhD and Media and Communication Researcher, University of Oslo

Online drama and real-time publishing have become an established ‘format’, especially in the Nordic countries.

The ‘first wave’ was headed by the Norwegian hit show SKAM (NRK, 2015-2017), but the ‘second wave’ includes both several SKAM remakes as well as new successors in all the Nordic countries as well as beyond.

In short, playing with time and platforms has become on key strategy for many storytellers trying to reintroduce a sense of liveness and realness.

What can we learn from the ‘two waves’ of real-time storytelling? What are the pros and cons of this way of producing and publishing online drama? And, is it possible to renew this format when the rules in the TV market is constantly changing?


Vilde Schanke Sundet, PhD and researcher in media and communication at the University of Oslo, is currently wrapping up a larger study on online drama, youth television and fan cultures.

Vilde is part of the STREAM project, investigating how streaming media services impact cultural industries and practices, and the DisC project, investigating how changes within the media industries impact media policy making.



Session: ‘The Second Wave’ – The Development of Real-Time Online Drama

Host: Henrik Højer

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