Intense Youth Drama on Sexuality and Masculinity

In the youth series ‘Pulse’, we follow a group of friends who all carry secrets. Relationships end, siblings are let down, and friendships are shattered, when everyone suddenly has dirt on each other and the truths are exposed.

Bastian plays basketball on the local basketball team with Erik, Samir, and his big brother, Adam. Samir is the star of the team and the girls adore him. When the team gets their chance to be promoted, it is also Samir who scores the decisive goal. However, in the middle of the euphoria, jealousy and division lurk.

Erik is secretly in love with Samir’s girlfriend, Tenna, and his rival’s success makes the jealousy grow inside him. When Erik discovers that Samir has a big secret, he sees his chance to assume a new position in the group and reveals it to the whole gang of friends.

Bastian, Samir, Anna, Tenna, Sophia, Erik, and Adam’s strong friendships are threatened by complete division, as it quickly turns out that Samir is in no way the only one with secrets.

Session: Puls

Session Language: Danish

In session: Director and Scriptwriter Mette Føns & Scriptwriter Christian Gamst Miller-Harris

Session host: Abdel Aziz Mahmoud 

Date: Saturday, October 31, 2020
Time: 15.15 – 16.30
Venue: ARoS Aarhus Art Museum, Auditioriet (Max 89 pers.)

Production: Toolbox Film
Broadcaster: TV 2

Watch here: play.tv2.dk
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