New Scandinavian hit series on Viaplay

The Viaplay Original series Pørni has been acclaimed with several great reviews in Norway, and it quickly became the most popular Norwegian series on Viaplay.

If you loved the American series Better Things, you’ll love Pørni too. It is Norwegian humour at its best and a portrayal of everyday life for a single mother not living what was previously called ‘the normal way’. The series is created by Henriette Steenstrup who also plays the leading role of Pørni. Pørni is an everyday hero with faults and shortcomings, and with a chronic feeling of not doing enough for the people around her – but also with enormous power and belief that she can mean something to someone.

She tries to juggle her child’s needs, the grief over her sister’s recent death, a hopeless ex-husband, a job in the child welfare service, and a father who wants to get the most out of life’s autumn. The series is a celebration of those who do the best they can – with whatever they have.

Meet Creator & Leading Role, Henriette Steenstrup, and Actress, Vivild Falk Berg, who play mother and daughter, when they offer a unique view into creating and acting in the Norwegian hit series. Two new seasons has already been confirmed.


Saturday, October 30 2021



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Henriette Steenstrup, Creator & Leading Role
Vivild Falk Berg, Actress


Vilde Schanke Sundet, PhD and Researcher in Media and Communication, Oslo University


Broadcaster: Viaplay

Produktionsselskab: Monster


Henriette Steenstrup is a Norwegian actress and writer, known for har roles in the Netflix series Ragnarok and the film Barn. Unique for the series Pørni, is that Steenstrup is both the creator and leading role. Steenstrup is especially known for her brilliant humour, which is unmistakable in Pørni. Within the first 24 hours of premiering, Pørni became the most watched series on Viaplay and even set a Norwegian sales record.


Vivild Falk Berg is the Norwegian actress playing Hanna, the daughter of Pørni. With Pørni, Berg has had her her first big debut, which has been a true succes. Despite the good intentions of her mother, Hanna is a contrasting character who does not always support her fallible mother. The series has proved Vivild Falk Berg to be a rising star.


Vilde Schanke Sundet, PhD and researcher in media and communication at the University of Oslo, is currently wrapping up a larger study on online drama, youth television and fan cultures. Her most recent work is the book Television Drama in the Age of Streaming – Transnational Strategies and Digital Production Cultures the NRK (2021), building on an in-depth study of the Norwegian public broadcaster (NRK) and some of its game-changing drama productions. Sundet studies media, policy and audiences/fans, and is an online drama expert. She is currently studying the position of global media platforms among Norwegian teenagers, and how national media producers and policy-makers respond to these platforms and the media habits of a new media generation.

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