Petter Bragée

Head of children's and entertainment at Swedish Television Malmö

Petter has worked on SVT for the most part of previous 27 years. Primarily as producer of youth and children’s programming. The last seven years Petter has been head of a department that has transformed from mostly making traditional tv-formats like gameshows, reality etc. to making more and more low budget drama.

Petter is no traditional “drama-boss”, but his department is currently responsible for ten dramaseries for children and three for a young audience. The first two series targeting 15-25 year olds premiered this spring. Both “Eagles” and “Festen” have reached large online audiences in target groups where SVT usually struggles. And have also been successful in Norway and Denmark. Both series are now shooting their season two. And a third series for a young audience is premiering soon.



Session: Meet the Nordic Drama Bosses

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Foto: Eva Edsjö
Foto: Eva Edsjö

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