Johanna Enäsuo

Producer, 'Peacemaker'

Johanna Enäsuo is the producer and creator of the original story of Peacemaker. She has an MA in European Master audiovisual management (Mega Plus) from the Media Business School in Spain, as well as an MA in documentary films from ESCAC, University in Barcelona. Johanna also has a BA in Media Arts from the University of West London. Johanna has worked in the Finnish Film and TV industry for 20 years and she has wide experience in both fiction and documentary productions. 

During the past 10 years, she has worked as a line producer and producer in MRP‘s international co-productions. In addition to this, she has produced and directed several television documentaries and has distribution experience from her employment at the Bio Rex Cinemas. 

Johanna Enäsuo is the producer of the ‘Peacemaker’.

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