Friheden II (Pros & Cons)

Danish Everyday-Realism and High-Stakes Scam Drama

‘Friheden I’ (In English: ‘Pros & Cons‘) caused great awareness when it aired on Viaplay last fall because of its entertaining mix of Danish everyday-realism and high-stakes scam drama. Now the ‘scam’ artists Erik (Lars Ranthe) and Nina (Lene Maria Christensen) are back and ready for a big coup that, once and for all, can save them from the suburban swamp.

When ‘Friheden II’ premieres on Viaplay, the characters will find themselves in the tension between the safe and hassle-free family life, and the fascination with the spectacular, once again. In the new season, Erik and Nina have resumed their careers as scammers and are fighting to make their new life in the suburbs work.


Erik and Nina’s daughter Esther and her boyfriend Patrick have fled to Bolivia with all the money from their latest coup in season 1. As they are robbed of the winnings and left alone in the Bolivian jungle, the only way Erik and Nina can get the family back together is with the help of their old partner Jacqueline. It leads them to their biggest coup to date, dragging them into the beauty industry and major political power struggles.

‘Friheden II’ is written by Thor Bjørn Krebs and Mikkel Serup and produced by SAM Productions.

Session: Friheden II (Pros & Cons)

Session language: Danish

In session: Creator and Scriptwriter, Thor Bjørn Krebs, and Producer, Sara Namer

Session host: Vi Elsker Serier

Date: Sunday,  November 1, 2020
Time: 13:00 – 14:30
Venue: Aarhus Theatre, Scala (Max 135 pers.)

Production: SAM Productions
Broadcaster: Viaplay

Premiere: End of 2020

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