Christian Gamst Miller-Harris – Session Host

Session host and scriptwriter, 'Puls'

Christian was born in Ashington in the Northeastern part of England for an English mother and a Danish father. He grew up in New Zealand and came to Copenhagen when he was five years old. He has a BA in Film and Drama from The University of Reading, England, and a MA in Film Science from The University of Copenhagen.

He attended The National Film School of Denmark’s Script Writing Program from 2009-2011. He has, among other things, written the script for the Oscar and Robert winning short film ‘Helium’ (directed by Anders Walter) and the OFF winner ‘MINI’ (Directed by Milad Alami). Christian’s other projects include: ‘Dicte’, ‘Tinkas Juleeventyr’, ‘Friheden’, ‘Brakland’, and ‘Ragnarok’.

Christian Gamst Miller-Harris is one of the scriptwriters of ‘Puls’ (in English: ‘Pulse’)

Session: Puls – Screening and Talk – Intense Youth Drama on Sexuality and Masculinity

Host: Christian Gamst Miller-Harris will host the following session:

Ulven Kommer (Cry Wolf) – Premiere: Episode 4 and Talk

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