Cecilie Nørgaard

Educational- and Gender Sociologist

Cecilie Nørgaard is a Danish educational- and gender sociologist from Aarhus and Copenhagen University. Cecilie is a former schoolteacher and today she facilitates knowledge on gender and diversity in both artistic and academic ways for the educational field amongst others.
The purpose is to contribute to a world where gender doesn’t determine or limit one’s self-expression and where there is room for difference and individuality.
Cecilie’s expertise is to combine theory and practice through the development of strategic ideas and solutions as a consultant, author, and lecturer.  She works on projects in both Denmark, the Nordics, and Europe. Besides this, she is a board member in PLAN Danmark and Mads Nørgaard.

Cecilie Nørgaard is a part of the panel in the session Women in Series.


Women in Series 

Read more: cecilienorgaard.com

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