Andreas Halskov

Film and Series Expert and Contributor 16:9

Andreas Halskov (b. 1981) holds an MA in Film Studies from Copenhagen University. Halskov has worked as a lecturer in Media Studies at Copenhagen and Aarhus University, and he works as a film/TV expert in different media and as a curator of film historical screenings at Cinemateket in Copenhagen and Øst for Paradis in Aarhus, besides being an editor of the scholarly film journal 16:9.

Halskov has published numerous articles in journals like Kosmorama, Series, Short Film Studies, International Journal of Digital Television and Blue Rose Magazine, and he has co-written three Danish anthologies on American television (Fjernsyn for viderekomne, Turbine, 2011), the Oscars (Guldfeber, Turbine, 2013) and comedy (Helt til grin, VIA Film& Transmedia, 2016).

 Finally, he has written a monograph on David Lynch, co-written a book about vampire films and series (VAMPYR) and written two peer-reviewed book about modern TV drama (TV Peaks: Twin Peaks and Modern Television Drama, University Press of Southern Denmark, 2015) and serialization (Remakes, sequels og serialisering, Samfundslitteratur, 2019).

An English book about David Lynch will be published in 2019/2020, as will an interview-based book about sound design in film and television. Finally, Halskov has contributed to a British anthology about Global TV Horror and co-created a documentary series about the American TV landscape, in collaboration with VI ELSKER SERIER and HBO Nordic (Serierejser/TV Travels, 2019).




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