Abdel Aziz Mahmoud – Session Host

Journalist, Radio and TV-Host

Abdel Aziz Mahmoud is one of Denmark’s most prominent and high-profile journalists. In addition to a long career at Danish Broadcasting Corporation as, among other things, editor, TV- and Radio-host, he has also been working as an author and former development editor at Nordisk Film TV.

Abdel has an informal and personal approach to journalism. He has created interviews, news broadcasts, reports, and TV programs. He is not afraid to enter into dialogue with all types of people, and he uses himself and his curiosity to ask different and critical questions.

Most recently experienced in the series ‘Helvedes Homo’ (in English: ‘Hell’s Homo’) and ‘Adgang med Abdel’ (‘Access with Abdel’) on DR2.

Abdel is the author of several books. Amongst others, he has written ‘Hvor taler du flot dansk!’ (‘You speak beautifully Danish!’) revolving around his family’s travel from Libanon to Denmark, his upbringing as a first-generation refugee in Denmark, feeling like the guinea pig of the family – trying to integrate into a new society. The book also touches the subject of how to become Danish the right way, and the question of when you have done enough.

Host: Abdel Aziz Mahmoud will host the following sessions:

Puls – Screening and Talk

Norsk-ish – Screening and Talk

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