2 døgn (2 Days)

The Shady Side of Denmark: Drugs, Murder, and Friendship

The new YouSee Original ’2 døgn’ (in English: 2 days) will premiere on Xee in 2021. The TV-series is created by actor and scriptwriter Oscar Giese and the director Nicolai Achton and written by Oscar Giese and Simon Weil. Together they wished to create a TV-series for young adults that portrayed the hidden and shady parts of Denmark, with the ambition of giving new life to the Danish action genre.
‘2 døgn’ is inspired by director Nicolai Achton’s childhood in the Western part of Copenhagen and gives an authentic impression of a tough suburban environment.


The series is created by a young and talented team. The cast consists of both new names and more experienced actors as Dejan Cukic, Clara Rosager, and Maria Rich. The series is about the two cousins Otto and Christian who, on a fun night out, suddenly encounter a notorious gangster. Over the next two days, the lead characters are confronted with both the body of a dead woman and a bag full of drugs – and their friendship, boundaries, and morals and are put to the test.


Session: 2 døgn (2 Days)

Session Language: Danish

In session: Scriptwriter, Simon Weil, actor and scriptwriter, Oscar Dyekjær Giese, and Director Nicolai Achton

Session host: Ann Lind Andersen

Date: Saturday, October 31, 2020
Time: 16.00 – 17.00
Venue: UngK (Max 90 pers.)

Production: Drive Studios
Broadcaster: Xee

Premiere: 2021

Read more: Digitalt.tv


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