Aarhus Series consists of small events spread out in the cultural institutions of Aarhus.

Every event is held with a max capacity within the current COVID-19 restrictions which makes the events more exclusive.

It’s just like going to the movies – but watching series, instead of films.


We are taking the following precautions during the event in order to take extra good care of you and our employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the situation of the novel coronavirus is constantly evolving, this site will be continuously updated. We are following the government guidelines closely and will make adjustments if necessary.

Registration to all public events
Registration is necessary for all public events (also for this. and Aarhus Series Industry participants). Registration will open October 8.

Distance between seats
We will ensure the secure distance between each seat in the audience. You are welcome to sit next to your companion or companions, but there will be a seat between your company and the guests next to you.

No queue
We check your tickets outside on arrival, so we avoid queues and bottlenecks inside.

The doors open 30 min. before
We open the doors 30 min. before the event starts, making sure that the audience does not clump together.

We will provide free masks for all participating and employees at this.

Limited number in lounge areas
We keep an eye on the number of guests in our lounge areas, so no one stands too close.

More cleaning
We have increased the cleaning in all audience areas. Handles and all surfaces will be sprayed daily to ensure an extra high level of hygiene.

Hand sanitizer
We have lots of hand sanitizer for the audience and staff.

Staff guidelines
The staff is instructed in a special procedure to ensure their and your safety. You can always ask an employee if you are unsure about something.

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